SELCO SYNTHETIC LUBRICANTS.Tomorrow’s lubricants today. High Temp. Grease, Teflon base Grease, Silicon Grease, Chain & Rope oil, Hydraulic Pneumatic Oils, Anti-seize and so on to meet every industry.


SF 300 HYD. FLUID. Lower coefficient of friction-less maint. & down time. Hyd. Sustems, ice m/c,air compressors turbines & circulating systems. -45deg C to +260deg C
SF 310 Syn. Hydraulic Fluid.Elimination of Carbonaceous and lacquer deposits. Low and High temp. stability , Low coefficient of friction. Compatibility and conventional seal materials, greater biogradability compared to petroleum products. . Primarily recommended for severe service or extreme temp. applications.Like – Hyd systems, ice m/s, air compressors, turbines and circulating systems -85Deg to +260Deg C
SF 315 Fire resistant  Hydraulic Fluid. It is Fire resistant water glycol (HF-C) based hydraulic fluid. Superior fire resistance. Excellent anti-wear performance, low order of toxicity. Die casting m/c, Hyd. Forging presses & hammers, drive systems in mining industry Robot welding machines.
SF 330 Fire resistant hydraulic fluid. It is phosphatester based Fire resistant hydraulic fluid. Elimination of carbonaceous & lacquer deposits, low & high temp. stability, lower coefficient of friction. Severe service / extreme temp. application Hyd. Systems, ice m/c, air compressors, turbines & circulating systems. -20  DEG. C  TO +150 DEG. C
SF 400
Syn. Gear Oil.
Reduced friction,high temp.stability,low temp. fluidity. Wear / shock loading /Rust/ corrosion protection. Elimination of deposits The cold temperature flow properties of SF 400 offer advantages in start up of critical equipments
SF 440 Syn. Gear Oil. Higher gear efficiency, excellent EP, anti-wear properties, oxidation stability & heat resistance. For heavy duty automotive and industrial gear boxes with sump temperature up to 140 degC, high rated warm gear units. -25degC  to +250degC
Sf 445.It is specially designed for use in High Temp. applications. Very high  Being Polyglucol and not mineral oil based,  is not soluble in any Petroleum  product. Useful in heavily loaded machnisms operating at elevated temp. e.g. warm gears & calendar bearings. Suitable for heavy duty automotive & industrial gear boxes with sump temp. up to 140 deg. C Extended drain intervals & in some cases “fill for life” lubricants. Good for LPG, CNG cylinders, car units
SF 450 Syn. Gear Oil. Specially developed polyglycol additive of SF 450 allows thermal stable operations at temp .in excess of 200degC Reduced frictional losses, leading to lower sump temp.& higher gear efficiency. Lubrication of gear and bearing operating at elevated temp.e.g. in Calendar bearing equipment’s and worm gears
SF 500 Syn .compressor oil. Outstanding operating temp..range. Good compatibility with elastomers used as seal  in reciprocating compressors. Reduced oil consumption, valve deposits, maintenance cost. Extend oil drainage intervals upto 8000 hrs or 12 months operations Virtually eliminates varnish & sludge deposits. Provide better demulsibility, which is needed for rapid & complete water separation – mainly for oil flooded compressors. -25deg to+250deg C
SF 532 & SF 546
Designed to meet needs of rotary & reciprocating ind. Compressor. Reduce carbon formation and the risk of explosion, virtually eleiminates varnish & sludge deposits,
-50 Deg C to +270Deg C
SF 550 Syn. Compressor oil. Extended drain intervals upto 6000 hrs. before oil change. Superior thermal stability Can expect rotary screw compressor to be down only once in 8000 hrs for a scheduled oil change instead of 8 times required with petroleum oil.
SF 580 Gas compressor syn. oil. It is designed for enclosed pattern gas compressors for hydrocarbon & chemical gases where the crankcase and bearing operate in a gas filled atmosphere Reduced gas solubility leading to improved wear protection, extended lub life, It is used for following gases – LPG such as propane/ butane,Liquified natural gases such as – methane / ethane. Hydrocarbon gases such as ethylene,pro-
-pylene / butylenes Chemical gases like vinyl chloride / ammonia / butadiene. 
SF 590 Refrigeration Compressor oil. Improved wear protection at high temp. No deposit formation in low temp. system. Fever dis-chargeable deposits. Improved compressor efficiency. Designed for Refrigeration system with very high reciprocating compressor temp suitable for very low evaporator temp & for screw compressor system using refrigerants such as CFC (R22), HFC 134A,R136a, R407C, R410A, R404A,R507, R744 -50Deg +260 Deg C
SF 600 Hi-temp.chain lub Excellent high temp. oxidation resistance. Superior thermal stability for prolonged Extremely low volatility/less lub. Consumption. Outstanding anti wear properties/ reduced chain drag. Excellent for Stenter frame ovens, ceramic & glass production. Also for paint curing ovens, paper mfg. Plywood prod Can be used as bearing lub in high temp. area. -25degC to+280degC
SF 610. Hi Temp. Chain Lub for conveyors Excellent high temp. oxidation resistance. Superior thermal stability. Outstanding antiwear properties/reduced chain drag. Excellent for paint curing ovens, ceramic production, and glass production.
SF 620 Hi temp. chain lub. Excellent high temp. oxidation resistance. Superior thermal stability. Outstanding anti-wear properties/reduced chain drag. Excellent for Stenter frame ovens, ceramic / glass paper/plywood production., paint curing ovens bearing lubrication in high temp. environments.
SF 1100 Syn. Spindle oilSpecially formulated to achive maximum lubricity in unusually high temperature conditions. It is non-staining spindle oil . Does not leave any  carbonaceous deposits at a high temperature Specially designed for the lubrication of spindles of spindles used in ring frames / open end machines.
Meta Synth 333 Wire Drawing oil Synthesized especially for synergestic high performance drawing of copper wires. Specially designed foe highly sensitive application of high speed drawing of fine & super fine wires on single & multi-wire drawing 1. Imparts excellent lubricity at high speed, reduces breakages, protects tools for abrasion. 2) Long life stability keeps emulsion stable for considerably long period. 3) Low foaming. 4) Reduces dust deposition at dies & cones.5) Offers smooth, bright surface finish to the wire.
FLUSHOL-XL SPECIALITY FLUSHING OIL Light viscosity penetrative oil containg additives to provide enhanced deposit mproperties.Designed to penetrate and suspend typical oil relatd deposits found in engine and compressors

SELCO make Synthetic Greases and Oils.

SG 225. Wire Rope Lub. Formulated to penetrate to the core and then touch dry in 3-4 min.It forms elastic coating. In addition to Wire ropes, can be used as protective coating for numerous marine equip. on docks, ships, drilling platforms, thread lub, chains, gears  pulleys.
SG 250 Open Gear Lub.Can be applied while surface is in motion,. Rapidly covers all areas with lub. Film. Carrier evaporates leaving a tough tenacious film coating. Where mating surfaces are not enclosed .Excellent for sprockets/chains/roller circle rails on large drag lines.
SG 330 Food Grade grease It is H1 certified lubrication for machinery used in Food & Beaverage processing and packing industry. Excellent water resistance, corrosion prevention, adhesive properties Enclosed gear boxes, automatic centralized lubrication system, rolling elements & plain bearings, joints, linkages and slides. -40 Deg to +250 Deg C
SG 350 Hi-temp. Grease It is compatible with polymeric type rubber seals/Teflon/viton. Suitable in anti-friction bearing pumps, bearings of Ele. Motors, conveyors, clutch bearings. -32degC to +300degC.
SG 360 Spl Grease Excellent resistance to rust, oxidation, good stability in presence of water. Recommended for aviation application. -60  DEG. C TO +250 DEG. C
SG 370 Spl. Grease High resistance to water washing. Compatible with mineral base greases, Extreme pressure characteristics. Good for conveyor bearings, small alternator bearings operating at temp. near 177 deg C ,high speed miniature bearings, Situation where oscillatory motion, vibrations & fretting create problems. -54  DEG. C TO +225 DEG. C
SG 380 Syn Long Life grease. Wax free feature of the syn. Base oil allows for low temp mobility / pumpability and very low starting & running torque values. Industrial applications which need a lub that can perform normal functionsin terms of high & low temp. It is available in NLGI 2 and has cold temp pumping resistance of most NLGI O. It is true wide temp. multi service grease. -40 Deg C to + 240 Deg. C
SG 390 Hi temp. very low RPM grease. High performance , extreme pressure grease which combine a synthetic base fluid with a lithium complex soap thickener. High dropping point, excellent resistance to water  wash Compatible to boiling water. Adhesive grease, resistance to steam, good pressure absorption capacity. Suitable as a valve and sealing grease for plain and rolling bearings operating at low speed. Non-toxic Food processing m/cs. -25 deg C to +250 deg. C
SG 410 High RPM Synth. Grease. NLGI grade 2 grease. It is high performance grease which combines synthetic base fluid with barium complex soap thickner . Excellent resistance to water wash, outstanding protection  against wear, rust, & high temperature. Mainly formulated for lubrication of ultra high speed rolling element bearings.
Recommended where lubrication is required in water environments / wheel bearings/ Ele. Motor bearings/water pumps/ball joints/track rollers etc.
SG 440 Hi-temp. Grease. Excellent resistant to water / petroleum products. Extends bearing life. Recommended where lubrication is required in water environments / wheel bearings/ Ele. Motor bearings/water pumps/ball joints/track rollers etc.
SG 450 EP Moly grease. It is premium quality multi-purpose lithium soap based grease – to impart corrosion, protection & oxidation stability to the product. Proven benefits are –reduces friction, extended bearing life, lengthen lub. Intervals. Excellent anti-friction ball and roller bearings lub and performs well in the lubrication of wheel bearings etc., motor bearings, water pumps, ball joint , track rolerrs etc
SG 453 Wide temp range Multi Application It is premium quality multi purpose Lithium base grease. It is excellent anti friction ball and roller bearings. Excellent resistant to rust, corrosion & oxidation. Outstanding structural stability in presence of water, excellent wear protection under heavy load & high temp. -40 deg to +240 deg. C
SG 460 Hi-temp. Non-melting grease. Protects extreme loads & galling & seizing. Resistant to cold and hot water. Recommended for anti-friction bearing pumps. Ele motor bearings, conveyor bearings, clutch bearings. -25  DEG. C  TO +350 DEG. C
SG 480 Calcium Sulfonate complex grease. High Shear stability, Wide operating temp. range, water resistance High load capabilities. It do not contain any heavy metals, or any other harmful undesirable additives. Intended for all auto motive applications including chassis points, wheel bearings, fifth wheels, king pins etc. Typical industrial applications are anti friction bearings, low and high speed bearings oven conveyors, ele motor bearings, still mill roller bearings, and so. + 280 deg. C
SG 500 Hi-temp. Grease. At high temp. the fluid base carrier dissipates leaving a layer of lubrication solids like PTFE. Specially designed for Kiln car wheel bearings & other high temp. applications. Resistant to cold and hot water. -35  DEG. C  TO +760  DEG. C
SG 600 Lub spray. Excellent general purpose dry lub. Thin film of SG 600 will allow effective assy./disassembly of threaded connections without galling/seizing. God for under operating conditions of high load & slow speed. In machine shops for bed ways/guides/
lead screws/dead centers for smooth and trouble free operations.
-74degC to +400degC
SG 620 Lub. Spray. Is a dispersion of PTEF. in fast drying solvent system. Effective in high loads and slow speeds. In machine shops for bed ways/guides/
Lead screws/dead centers for smooth and trouble free operations.
-74degC to + 400degC
SG 630 Lub spray. Effective as a running-in lubrication. Does not require burnishing, provide low coefficient of friction. Solvent quickly evaporates and allows the parts to use in few seconds. It is best lubrication available for running-in applications. -35  DEG. C  TO + 400 DEG. C
SG 635 PTFE Spray. It is Moly spray. Provide low co-efficient of friction than most other PTFE paste. Preceision equipments . Prevents metal contacts, galling, seizing & protect against wear. -35 deg. To +399 deg. C
SG 640 Special Paste. High lubricity. Great affinity for metal surfaces. Excellent adhesion/supports extreme loads. As an additive, substantially improves extreme pressure/anti-wear/anti friction capabilities of oils and greases ad provides reliable lubrication.
SG 650 Moly Paste. High surface coverage, reduces friction and wear. Eliminates stick slip. Prevents seizer, metal to metal contact and reduces fretting corrosion. Assembly, press-fitting and running-in on plain bearings and sliding surfaces. -25  DEG. C  TO + 450 DEG. C
SG 660 Special Paste. Soft, white, extreme pressure solid lubricant paste for assy applications and use as a grease substitute for long term lub. Bearings,splines and other sliding surfaces in – Electrical applications/household equip./optical instruments/office equip./ Textile and packaging industry. -30  DEG. C  TO + 260 DEG. C
SG 670  Graphite Paste. High surface coverage, reduce friction & wear, eliminates stick-slip, seizes and so on. Low friction assy aid. Assy press fittings. New or rebuilt equipments such as gears, splines, journal bearings, cam & ways. -183 Deg +760 Deg. C
SG 900 Silicon Lub. It is silicon lubricating fluid thickened with special complex Lithium soap. Excellent resistance to oxidation/ good shear stability/antiwear. Does not attract plastics. Has resistance to evaporation. Long life in moisture & corrosive atmosphere. To lubricate ball bearings/roller bearings and other metal surfaces- Kiln pre heater fans/oven fans/radiator cooling fans/textile hot stenters/ slashers/ driers/ conveyor systems/timer motor bearings / plastic bearings and gears. -50  DEG. C  TO +220 DEG. C
SG 900 T              Silicon Grease with PTFE It consists of Silicon  Lub fluid thichened with a special complex Lithium soap & PTFE Primerly designed for use inEPDM seals & fittings, valves in food and beverage industry & ball bearings ope under moderate to heavy loads. Available in 3 consistincies – light, medium and heavy. -50  DEG. C  TO  +220 DEG. C
SG 900 M Silicon grease with Moly Excellent anti wear characterstics. Does not attract plastic. It is silicon grease fortified with MoS2. Good for Kilm pre-heater fans, oven fans, radiator cooling fans, textile hot stener slashers, drives, conveyor system, timer motor bearings, Plastic bearings and gears. -50 Deg +220 Deg C
SG 920. Silicon Grease. This Silicon grease does not crack/dry-up/ separate into layers due to aging. Spreads uniformly and adheres on dry surfaces of metals/ ceramics /rubber/ PVC/ ele. Insulation etc. It possesses very good electrical properties of high volume resistivity, dielectric. High resistance to arcing and corona. It is chemically inert and non reactive and thus does not corrode materials. Helps to protect and maintain flexibility of materials made of natural / synthetic rubber, vinyl plastics, and similar materials. -60  DEG. C  TO +208 DEG. C
SG 940 Special grease. Good low and high temperature properties. Long life resistance to oxidation, low evaporation rate, excellent plastic lubricant. Ball bearings in Oven fans/ driers/ conveyors/ electric motors. Lubrication of Plastic components, clutch thrust bearings.
SG 990 Gas Cock Grease. Improved friction reduction, Good Petroleum resistant grease. Resistant to Superheated steam, Aqueous Acids and Alkalis, LPG & other low boiling hydraucarbones 0 to 230 Deg C
SG 1330 Aluminium Complex Grease Water Resistant  Wide Temp. range. Enclosed  Industrial gearboxes, automatic, centralized lub system. Plain and Element and plain bearings., Joints, linkags, joints, Suitable for wide rage of applications Excellent water resistant, Excellent oxidation and mechanical stability Excellent adhesive, Neutral odor and taste. Compatible with elastomers, gaskets,seals and paints, normally used in lub system employed in the food processing and packaging industry. -40 Deg to + 250 Deg. C
SG 1370 / 100 Syn Lithium Grease. Multi service wide temp. range. Thickener system provides a high dropping point, excellent resistance to water wash, and a tenacious structural stability. Outstanding protection against wear rust , corrosion and high temp. degradation Recommended for long term and life time lubrication of high load bearings & applications Also suitable for lubrication of plastic and metal combination in automotive components and cables, -60 Deg C to +225 Deg. C
SG 1371 Syn Lithium with Moly It is multi service wide range grease. Excellent resistance to rust, corrosion & oxidation. Good structural stability in presence of water. Suitable for lubrication of Plastic & metal combination in automotive and cable -60 Deg +225 Deg C
SG 1372. Syn High temp & long term grease. Excellent resistance to rust, corrosion & oxidation. Good structural stability in presence of water Excellent wear protect under heavy load & high temp.Recommended for long term& life time lubrication of high speed, high load bearings. -60 Deg + 225 Deg C.
SG 1380 Synthetic Polyurea Grease. Excellent structural stability & maintains its consistency better than competitive greases under sever operating  conditions such as encountered in as over packed bearing. Does not thin out in presence of water & resists water washout, mild acid & alkaline solutions. Recommended for High & Low speed bearings to prevent formation of abrasive buildup. +30 deg C to + 225  deg.  C.
SG 1410 High RPM Grease. Combine synthetic base fluid with barium complex soap thickner. System provides a higher dropping point, excellent resistance to water wash , outstanding structural stability. Primarily for lubrication of ultra high speed rolling elements bearings. -50 deg. C to +180 deg. C
SG 1450 High Temp. Non Melting Grease. Excellent resistant to changes in consistency under both high temp. & cyclic conditions where it is repeatedly heated. & cooled. Even under severe working conditions does not soften or harden significantly. Oil used in this grease have very low volatility, do not evaporate rapidly. So minimum hardening when grease us held in high temp. for long time. Recommended for heavy loaded industrial presses, heavy duty bending m/c, suitable for lubrication of cams, veys & other sliding m/s elements.
SG 2260 Chuck Jaw Paste. Grease for Bearing, Chuck & Jaw subject to intermittent loads. Soft, white, extreme pressure grease based on syn. Based oil with PTFE. Best use for containamination free assy and long term lub. Minimum consumption by applying a thick coating (1 kg) covers appr. 40 SQM. Assy lubrication of friction & sliding surfaces under heavy jerky & vibrating stress; particularly proven for the lubrication of check jaw of machine tools, and to prevent fritting corrosion. -35 deg. C to +250 deg. C
SG 2280 Heat Sink Paste. Thermal grease ( also called CPU grease, heat paste, heat sink compound, thermal compound, gel or paste.) is a kind of thermally conductive (but electrically insulating) compound. Protection of sensitive components such as sensors, probes, measuring instruments, or semi conductors such as diods, transistors, thyristores through improving the heat linking to cooling plates or metal housing -40 Deg +180 Deg. C
SG 3380. Polyurea grease. Redyces friction, extended bearing life, more energy efficient. Polyurea grease does not thin out in the presence of water & resist water wash out, mild acid & alkaline solutions. High & low speed bearings, pre-lubricated & seal-for-life bearings, universal jopints, CV joints,wheetl bearings, train wheel block housing. -34 Deg +177 Deg C
SG 3480 Synthetic Polyurea Grease. It contains POLYALPHAOLEFIN  base oil.urea and performance enhancing synergetic anti oxidant additives to mprovide superlative lubricants of roller brearings at high temp. level.It has 70 % higher longer life than commercial lubricants as well as higher temp. resistance. High and Low speed bearings, pre – lubricated and seal- for- life bearings, universal joints,CV jonts, wheel bearings, train wheel block bearings, tunnel augering equipment f, speed factor ( nodm) up to 400,000. -20 to +200 C
SG 6600 Synthetic Grease. It is synthetic base grease with synthetic oil & PTFF. It is non melting in nature, maintain cleanliness of m/c. Heavy load carrying capacity, reduces fretting, corrosion, resistant to water, steam & oxidation. Non corrosive to ferrous & Non Ferrous metals. Recommended on bearing of grease lubricated stenter m/c in textile industry. On bearings, splines & other sliding surfaces in textile & packing m/cs. -35 deg. C to +300 deg. C
SELCO 56 Ele. Maintenance spray. Universal maintenance product for all electrical and electronic equip. Displaces and seals out moisture. Protects against oxidation and lubricate, penetrates and cleans at the same time. Very low surface tension, high capillary action and strong affinity for metals. It releases rusted and frozen parts. Al electrical equip. Eliminates breakdown due to poor environmental exposures, such as flooding/ high humidity/ salty air etc.
SELCO 57 Anti corrosion spray. It forms a thin, invisible film that never dry and brittle and penetrates into finest cracks and pores. Effective protection in corrosive atmosphere containing salt acids, caustic vapours. Can be applied on iron, steel, alu, brass, copper. It is primarily for indoor use.
CO CONTAT CLEANER SPRAY. Is a mild stable and inert cleaner. Meant for cleaning highly sensitive electronic precision equip. Highly purity – leaves no residues. Non-flamable,non-staining, and stable. It is used for removal of light contaminants, dust, lint, moisture, atmospheric or light oils.
SELCO ANTI -SEIZE. Regular grade.Copper based It is Anti-seize lub. Compound. Resist water wash out and salt action, will not dissolve in spray. Contains no silicon, lead, no reaction with any other metal. Facilitate assembly and disassembly of press fits, splines, lighter, leak proof threaded joints in hot and cold lines handling water, steam, oil, chemicals etc. -180 degC to +1100 degC
SELCO ANTI -SEIZE, Regular grade.Copper based Spray can It is Anti-seize lub. compound. Resist water wash out and salt action, will not dissolve in spray. Contains no silicon, lead, no reaction with any other metal. Facilitate assembly and disassembly of press fits, splines, lighter, leak proof threaded joints in hot and cold lines handling water, steam, oil, chemicals etc. -1800 C to +11000 C
SELCO ANTI SEIZE MOLY grade grease. It is superior high temp. anti seize and extreme pressure lubricant. Recommended for SS above 300 deg. C. Offers protection from steam acids, caustic and harsh chemicals. Recommended for use where application prohibits presence of copper and nickel especially where resistance to corrosive acidic and caustic solutions are required. 1500 deg. C
SELCO LECTRAS CLEAN SPRAY. It is stabilized, fast acting, solvent blend for cleaning & degreasing of ele. Motors & eqip. Very effectively removes oil, grease, wax, dirt, moisture etc. that causes current leakage and electrical inefficiencies.  Electric motors, high voltage switch gears, air conditioners, blowers, bus bars,circuite breakers, coils, pumps, relays, testers, transmitters, transformers, etc. etc.


  • It is recommended that the bearing should be 100 % clean to use synthetic grease. However , 10-15 % contamination of petroleum based grease in it is permissible . – when it is not feasible to clean the bearing thoroughly.
  • Wipe out maximum amount of earlier grease from the bearing with the help of a cloth ( do not use cotton waste as its threads if struck inside , can lead to failure ).
  • Turn the bearing and repeat the wiping out process.
  • Spray some cleaning / degreasing agent apply some solvent like CTC , kerosene etc. to melt   out the grease
  • Again keep wiping after turning the bearing . Keep still for some time allowing the excess solvent to evaporate .
  • If possible , blow the compressed air to drive out / blow out remains from the bearing .
  • Apply little SG 460 grease in the bearing .
  • Box up and pump SG 460 grease through a grease gun.( please use a clean gun)
  • Much of the old grease will come out . Wipe off.
  • Turn the bearing for say 5 minutes and pump grease by the grease gun .
  • This will again force out the old grease . Repeat this last procedure / step a few times .
  • Keep a watch on the bearing for any abnormal sound for a day or two
  • Normally synthetic grease SG 460 have to be filled 75% to 80% of the bearingcapacity , particularly when bearing ID is 3” or more and RPM is 2500 or more. ( max. 3000 ) . This is a time tested and practical way which we have successfully tried out in many applications where cleaning of the bearing thoroughly is not possible due to some constraints .However , it is always recommended to use clean bearing EVEN  NEW  BEARINGS  HAVE  TO  BE  CLEANED  OF  ITS  ANTI – RUST LAYER