Vardhaman Engineering is a reputed house dealing in Long Term cost effective Synthetic Lubricants, greases, and oils. e. g. Hi temperature , non – melting grease for bearings, Silicon oil and grease, Anti seize paste, hi- temperature Chain oil. Industrial Paints and coatings like fire retardant paint, paint primers, thinner, heat resistant paints.

NOTE  : We are distributors of  renowned Ugam Chemicals – A ISO 9000-2001 Co. and Yale Synthlub Industries.

The products have smooth and uniform consistency . These specialized paints, primers and enamels are protected against corrosion under condition of condensations. The specifications may however, very from product to product. 


  • We provide a range of high quality and superbly finished specialty paints, Synthetic Grease, Oil to meet every need of every industry.
  • Rich cumulative experience in the industry, together with an in depth knowledge of the trade and market helps us to provide the right product to meet specific customer requirements. We also help to identify correct product to get maximum benefits, provide all type of technical support to get maximum benefits of the products.
  • Quick service
  • Competitive pricing.