INTRODUCTION TO  PYRAMID  RUST  CONVERTER – Complete solution on controlling rust

Iron can combine with oxygen and moisture in the air to form a variety of oxides depending on conditions of exposure. Initially formed ferric hydroxide Fe(OH)3, undergoes various changes during the process of corrosion and forms MAGNETITE Fe304 or Ferrosso Ferric Oxide, a stable compound which does not readily change on further exposure. This is called RUST. The revolutionary Hi-Tech Pyramid Rust Convertor changes the course of rusting. Pyramid with its reactive polymer the forms a complex polymer compound and attains a passivated state without losing the strength of the metal. The buff colored Pyramid when applied, on the surface of the metal changes to different shades like brown, gray and black colored protective coating film depending upon the degree of corrosion. This marks the END OF RUSTING & CORROSION of the metal surface. Pyramid is water based system and hence non-inflammable Pyramid is non-toxic.

It is available in 3 grades as  – Marine grade, Industrial grade and Commercial grade.