UGAMCOAT- FIRE RETARDANT SYNTHETIC COATINGS Fire prevention is better than fire fighting. UGAM coat is the best FIRE PREVENTION Solution of Today.


FR 290908 for Electrical Cables, Cable trays, Plastic It is water base product designed to coat Electric Cables – LT & HT, Plastic, Cable trays. It does not allow fire to spread and helps in controlling instantly and automatically.  It is single component and does not require any primer for rating up to 2 hours. For 4 hours, special designed primer is must.
FR 220908 Wood , Fabric, Paper. Transparent It is Transparent FR coating, designed for Wood, Plywood. Paper, Fabric. It is water base single component, ready for use. 
FR 06022007 for Wood. It is water base, designed for Wood, Plywood. A 3 Component product consisting FR Primer, FR Paint and FR top coat. Available in all colors. It has rating of 30 minuets, 1 hour and 2 hour.  
FR 141098 SB for unexposed steel It is designed for unexposed / covered steel. It is 2 component product, require FR Thinner also. Rating ½ hour, 2 hour 2 hour.
FR 141098 EP For Exposed steel It is designed for Exposed, structure in regular handling like FR metal Doors. Supplied with special Hardener for air curing. A 3 component product required FR Thinner. Available rating is ½ hour, 1 hour, 2 hour and 4 hours. Special grades in this are also available like Defence / Vehicle grade, Petrochemical grade
FR 07022007 FR RCC, Brick This grade is for Bricks, Walls, RCC, asbestos, etc. It is water base, 3 component product. Rating is ½, 1 and 2 hour.
FR 09022007. Fire Block It is designed for filling gaps between cables and wall, partition, Falls ceiling. It is cement based. Does not allow fire to pass through it.
FR Duct. It is specially designed for Air conditioning Ducting. Require special Primer and Top coat. It controls spreading of fire through ducting. It restricts fire, Oxidation of metal at high temp. Protect metal from Gaseous chemical attack during thermal cycle as well as protect from fine, hard & abrasive resistant. It withstands temp up to 1100 deg. C 
FR Vermaculite coating It is Cement based product designed for storage tanks of hazards chemicals, petroleum products like Petrol, Diesel. Available for 2 hours, 4 hrs, 6 hrs and 8 hours rating.


HR & HRTI 400 & 600 It is available with or without Thermal Insulation. Color Silver and Black. It is mostly used for Chimney.  Thermal Insulation is recommended where you want to control Heat radiation  and condition loss . It does not require glass insulation
HR and HRTI 1200 and 1800. Available in water base , biscuit color for brick, wall. For metal, in solvent base. It has been proved very beneficial in controlling heat loss due to condensing and radiation.  Reduction benefit  has been observed from 5 % to 30 % depending on circumstances
UGAM  INSULMIX  It is having Thermal Insulation, water proofing & Elestomeric properties.  Different grades are available for RCC, GI sheets, Ms SS.  Useful for Exterior coating of buildings, terraces, ovens, furnaces, freezer vans, & places requiring thermal insulation & water proofing
HRTI EPSI Designed for coating of parts which ever comes in contact of heat . It blocks radiation from surface entering in surrounding atmosphere. Speciality of this coating is need not require shutdown. It is to be applied on HOT surfaces only designed for long term Thermal Insulation and Oxidation protection of metals at high temp. It is water base coating can be used for up to 250 deg. C temp. It requires Texture gun for application to make on line application easy. 
HRTI 1000 PRIMER. It is designed to protect metal at very high temp. It can be used up to 1300 deg. C temp. It provides extended life in high temp surface oxidation, gaseous chemicals attack during thermal cycle
VCIT COATING This product is mainly designed for reducing temp. of hot surfaces like exterior body of boilers. It nis also recommended for reducing surface temp of Steam pipe line, hot water pipe line, hot gaseous line, hot oil pipe line etc. Pipes line are coated over with VCTI coating to bring down temp. to ambient temp. It provides energy saving and increased efficiency due to blocking of heat losses.  


UGAM water proof paint.Water proof and damp proof coating. Exceptionally good water protecting properties. Resistant to abrasion and chemical attacks. Excellent bonding properties. It is anti – carbonation damp preventive long life finish coat In every industrial commercial and domestic application wherever water seepage / leakage problem is there from ceiling / side walls
Paint Stripper It is for removing earlier paint on any metal surface.  Just apply on painted surface, leave for reaction for 5 to 10 minutes. Paint will start to peel off from surface.
Chemical Resistant Products are having excellent chemical resistant properties Recommended wherever protection is required from any type of chemicals.
Heat & Chemical Resistant Available having HR up to 300 deg. C & Chemical resistance to almost all mild chemicals. Specific chemical resistance also made on request to meet need. Wherever protection is required from chemicals.
Elestomeric coating. Product has 300% elongation at break. It is based on modified acrylic latex. Has excellent weathering properties. Useful as coating over expansion joints, water proofing of terraces, walls.
UGAMCOAT Rust Convertor It is in Liquid form. It is to be used on rusty surface, to remove, control further rusting of metal parts. 
Water Repellant paint. Ready to use water repellant for coating over painted surfaces. It is totally color less. It can be applied as final finish on décor stones, decorative brick structure. Stops almost all absorbing surfaces from absorbing water & make them water-proof. Can be used as base structure, filling cavities of concrete surface. Can be sued as injection grouting for leaking roofs.
Acrylic Sealant It always maintains its elastic properties, does not allow the cracks to open again even if there is movement between the surfaces where it is applied Widely used as material for expansion joints of the buildings. Also used as crack filler & concrete repair paste making them water proof.
FFungus Resistant Paint It protects area from any fungus. Used in Pharma industry, Hospitals, Food and Beverage Industry, Houses having heavy leakage from walls due to which Fungus is noticed on walls in rainy season